In the beginning there was darkness...

So this is it. This morning I decided to make a website to exhibit my photography, and seemingly ramble on about stuff. (The site came with a blog thing it wasn't my idea ok)

As with most things, it's proving to be very much a learning experience. All this stuff about domain registration, DNS, CNAME etc etc is just crazy. But I appear to have mastered it (and by "mastered" I mean accidentally stumbled my way though it)

It's an interesting project for me really, especially this whole "blogging" thing. I'd like to give it a shot, and keep it current, but finding things to blog about in my rather quiet and unassuming life could prove to be the biggest challenge. 

So here it is, a humble beginning. Who knows where this journey will take me. Perhaps one day we may look back and laugh saying " remember when WASN'T the most popular site on the interwebs?" But more likely I'll look back one day, and think, "Oh crap I let my domain lapse and now points to a jellyfish awareness site".