Wow another blog Kris...

Anyone would think I had this newfangled website thing to play with.

Actually I have content though because I got the chance to make a couple of pictures for my friend Monique before she went out last night. It was nothing elaborate, I just threw up a speedlight with shoot through umbrella to camera right, and another bare speedlight firing up the wall to try and get that high key look I enjoy.

It was great as I continue to learn through my mistakes, and as I keep saying the more people I get in front of the lens the faster I will learn. We only took about 15 shots, so to get 2 out of that isn't as good a hit rate as I would like, although there is one more I've still got to process which looks good. 3 from 15 would be fine. As Joe McNally says, in the digital age the pixels are free, so if you shoot 100 shots and get 10-20 great ones then count it as a win.

I've also been working on a D.I.Y speedlight diffuser which I'm hoping will work for macro work so I can put my new canon 100mm f2.8 Macro lens to work. I might put some pictures up later when it's finished.

Now to go finish that and see if I can work out the "social publishing" side of these blogs. O_o