Why did it have to be flies?

When you take your camera, and head out to make pictures, you never quite know what you're going to get. But you really hope it's not flies.

This afternoon I jumped in the truck and headed out to Pekapeka Wetlands, 10km south of Hastings. In all honesty I didn't know exactly what was out there, what I was going to find, or what sort of pictures I would come back with, but I guess that's one of the more fun things about photography, you never REALLY know what you're going to come home with on your memory card.

I had thought that being a wetlands, there would be an abundance of insects and bugs that I could finally put my nice new 100mm f2.8 macro lens to use photographing. Alas it was pretty quiet, I mean it probably didn't help that it was the middle of the day (traditionally the worst time of day to make pictures) but damnit I hadn't taken any pictures for a couple of days and I was going to come back with something.

I tried a couple of landscape shots with my 50mm f1.8, I tried using my new filters to drop the light levels so I could take a longer exposure picture of the water, but nothing really was working for me.

In the end I pretty much gave up and was heading back to the truck, but man I was getting hammered by these flies! They were really persistent and just wouldn't shoo away easily. Wait a minute... new macro lens, flies that are not afraid of me, desperate need of at least 1 picture! But I hate shooting flies because well ugh they're flies and I really hate flies. Any way I spotted 1 of them feeding on some bird droppings while another just had it's way with the first, and remembered I had promised myself I wasn't going home without at least 1 "keeper" shot.

But why did it have to be flies O_o

Flies Gone Wild !!