So long facebook and thanks for all the spam

*edit - Now unfortunately this didn't last long. I learnt too quickly how many apps/services I use are linked into facebook. Just the simple act of starting up Spotify to listen to music would reactivate my facebook account. Still I am learning to tame the spam, and believe I am winning the battle. Only time will tell however.

So I'm cutting the cord and removing my facebook account. This is what I have posted and will leave up for a couple of days before deactivating my account.

"So I'm coming to the end of my tolerance for all the ads, "related posts", reposts, and general dross that I have to wade through on facebook. I've tried getting rid of the main offenders from my friends list, but if I do another purge, there's really not going to be too many of you left. So I think it's time to just put facebook out of my misery.
I'm afraid the "inspirational quotes" that everybody has seen 175649 times, the clearlycontacts ads that appear on my feed coz you liked them (facebooks fault not yours) and "hilarious" e-cards that just make me want to hurt myself, just don't do it for me anymore. 
If you want to get a hold of me, I'm on Google Plus, Twitter, (even Skype at times) most of you should have my email or cell number, and there's always my contact details on my website
I'll leave my account active for a couple of days so people can see this post, but then it's bye bye facebook. I may be back, but to be honest I could just open the spam folder on my email account and have a pretty similar experience.
Please do check in on my site every now and then as it's always cool to see those page hits, and do stay in touch. But if you email me spam, e-cards, or funny pictures of cats I swear I will find you and I will cut you!"

Now it's going to be hard because G+ and Twitter give me no where near the interaction with my friends as facebook, but in the end we used to get along quite nicely before this internet thing existed, and not once did anyone ask me if they "can haz cheeseburger"

Now get off my lawn!!!