Fun, Fine Art, Facebook, and Photography

Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking about where I'd like to go with my photography. I'm the first to admit I've been all over the place, photographing portraits, landscapes, macro, and pretty much anything that grabs my attention.

I still want to continue doing that, but feel if I'm going to improve and reach the standards I set for myself a little more specialization is going to be a good thing. As seems to be my way I've been more and more drawn to what I think is one of the most frustrating, and yet most rewarding subjects... people.

Now those that know me well know I'm seriously not a "people person" but I guess there in lies the challenge for me (if it were easy everyone would be good at it) 

Still so far I've had a number of fun shoots, the latest involving filling a bunch of balloons with helium, tying them around Michaela's waist, and then balancing her on an old set of drawers in the middle of nowhere. 

She did an amazing job, braved the cold, and was patient enough to wait for the wind to die down allowing the balloons to float almost straight up. (I had been reminded the previous weekend just how little balloons want to float straight up when there's even the tiniest of breezes)

Once I had a couple of pictures of her balanced on that set of drawers, we removed them and I took a quick picture of the background to make it easier to mask out the drawers later in Photoshop, and you can see the result below.

Once that was done we made another couple of pictures and moved on. For some reason, even though the Helium tank said it would fill 20-30 balloons, I think we really only managed maybe 15. Perhaps I was filling them too full, or maybe it had something to do with this...

It's never good to take this photography thing too seriously :-)

Now one last thing, you may notice the little Facebook icon on the left there and yes I've finally succumbed and created a Facebook page for my photography.

You can find it at and I'll be using that to post the majority of my fine art and portraiture, as well as putting it all up here.

Please do head over there, click that like button and share it with your friends, I would super appreciate it.

The goal eventually is to start posting some behind the scenes pictures and there's even a small part of me that's trying to convince the rest of me to create some tutorials both for photography and Photoshop, but we'll see how that goes.

In the meantime I have a pretty girl, some deer antlers and some dry ice to weave into an idea.